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1.Car Rental  Οχημάτων

Need urgently rental vehicle because you want to travel to the Greek Territory or your own vehicle is for any repair ; We offer a big variety of models , the latest technology , offering comfort and security in highly affordable prices.

2.Car Leasing  οχημάτων

Want to compliment your staff who managed to catch our corporate goals ; Want to offer to the senior executives of your company , latest technology vehicles ; We are anytime at your disposal to discuss and assist you communicate your various offers leasing .

3.Luxury Wedding cars

You took the plunge and want to make your dream a reality ; We provide luxury vehicles with experienced staff , we accompany the church beautiful moment of your life!

4.Used Cars

Looking to sell your car or even buy an additional one ; Our highly trained staff is waiting for you to discuss with your needs, suggest and help you can get - for many - the big decision!